Our Projects

What we believe in

At UNACWCA, we believe in promoting...

Gender Equality

We believe that, gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.

Gender Diversity

We believe that every human being is different and unique in his or her own way, hence no need to stereotype and discriminate against each other.

Women & Children Empowerment

We also believe that women and children are capable of making their own strategic life choices or decisions to make their
life's better.

Our Projects

Projects We are Currently Working On

Agriculture, Business and Industrialization (ABI) Programme

The ABI initiative aims to increase women’s participation and impact in agriculture by fostering a transformed and industrialized agriculture and business environment.

Health, Early childhood development and Mental Health (HEM) Programme

The HEM programme is committed to women’s and children’s health and wellness. It aims to improve their holistic welfare through programs that address not only their physical but also their psychological well-being.

Politics, Environment and Social intervention (PES) programme

The PES initiative is focused on women's political inclusion and the strengthening of social interventions that are specifically targeted at women and children.

Education, ICT, Arts, and Media (EIcAM) Programme

The EIcAM is a programme designed to embrace diversity in the inherent talent of women and children through appropriate forms of education. It is closely linked to the development of a sustainable and resilient female population.